Magico M9 Speakers

Magico writes: "Multiple pairs of M9s are not a completely uncommon sight at Magico HQ in Hayward, California, but a magnificent sight they are nonetheless. The Magico M9 is the flagship of the company’s extensive line of loudspeakers. The Magico portfolio stretches across three Series of speakers, with multiple offerings within each Series. The M Series sits at the very top, and the M9 is quite literally the best of the best. Many who have heard it think its performance unprecedented in the history of high-end audio. A true high water mark, so to speak. We wholeheartedly agree."

"Three years after its launch in June of 2020, Magico continues to build and ship M9s all over the world. Here you see two pairs of M9s nearing completion. Shortly, they will be crated and readied for shipment to owners preparing for the sonic experience of a lifetime. But not before they complete what is perhaps the most extensive quality-control process in the loudspeaker industry."