Nasotec Carbon Turntable Mat - Premium & Normal Version Limited Edition

Dong-chan Son from Nasotec writes: "Obviously, we are confident that the turntable mat we made from this new carbon material is superior compared to anything that exists on the market. However, it is very regrettable that this product, which was completed after a long time and trial and error, cannot be continuously produced. Due to the difficulties in machining, high production cost, and expensive raw material, it was forced to discontinue at the same time as the first production." 

"More specifically, machining companies rejected our order and the high manufacturing cost made it impossible to sell through our dealers. A small amount already manufactured is sold online from now, not through a dealer. There are two versions of the regular and premium versions, and the difference in sound quality will be clearer for superior high-end devices."

  • Dimension: 285 x 3.2 (mm)
  • Material: High quality carbon plate
  • Due to the difficulty of machining, high processing costs, and expensive 
  • raw material prices, it was forced to discontinue at the same time as the first production