New GigaWatt PowerMaster Flagship Power Conditioner

One more worldwide Premiere which is going to take place during this year's High-End Munich Show. The Gigawatt PowerMaster! "Our partners were working hard to complete the project until the last minute, but yesterday we still weren't sure if the first PowerMaster prototype will be fully assembled after final tests had been passed. This is the best conditioner that PowerAudioLaboratory, the owner of the Gigawatt brand, which is a great summary of their 25-year history of development!"

It will be shown during Munich HighEnd, in-room F231e (Atrium 4.2). The system, prepared by LEN HiFi, will also use PC-4 EVO+ conditioners.

Here are the key features of PowerMaster

-New design, excellent and durable materials and components, highest precision CNC machining.
-Ultra rigid chassis, made of milled aluminium plates – great stability and EMI/RFI Shielding
-Front window made of 9H scratch-resistant Ceramic Glass.
-Internal anti-vibration platform sustained by shock absorbers – extremal isolation of mechanical vibration and resonance for filtering electronic elements.
-Main PCB - ultra-durable, 4OZ Heavy-Copper with extremal cross-section thick copper layers – a powerful conducting and minimizing conduction losses
-New circuit architecture - ensures stable flow and handling of high currents of 100A continuously! (up to 500A at peak)
-New distribution bars with extremal cross-section 85QMM
-Power compensation batteries with Power Factor Correction Function
-Ground noise filtering system - eliminating interference from earthing
-Multipoint PCB terminals – ultra lower electrical resistance (less than 200 ╬╝Ohm), very high ampacity for continuous and peak currents (up to 300A!) and extraordinarily strong mechanical connection between terminal and PCB
-Larger non-magnetic, screws for connectors, allowing a tightening torque of 2.5Nm - reliable, strong electrical internal connection.
-New, precise TRUE-RMS voltmeter (measurement accuracy <±0,5%). Durable construction with isolated inputs, resistant to distortion and measurement error caused by higher harmonics. Does not generate any interference on its own, which could worsen the quality of power filtered by the conditioner.
-New Anti-vibration Feet - "Full Ceramic Isolation System" - Fully ceramic ZrO2 bearings with zirconium balls and rings (with properties harder than steel).