New Ubiqaudiolab Ubiquitous 300B Preamplifier

Ubiqaudiolab writes: "After years of trying various approaches, we have finally opted for the ultra minimalist preamp design, incorporating the legendary Western Electric 300B tube. To complement our power amp`s extraordinary micro/macro dynamic response, exemplary transparency and resolution, we needed only one thing: a seamless rendition of a true human character on the overall music reproduction act, and that was possible only by means of using a directly heated triode of the 300B caliber."

"Introduced in 1938 by Western Electric and reissued recently by the same company, this particular tube fulfilled all our demands in terms of dynamic expressiveness, inner resolution, unforced transparency and natural harmonic spectrum that finally connected all the elements found in real life music performances that are fully needed for a system which aims to give an impression of mimicking a live musical event. No other tube type and no other 300B manufacturer was able to deliver this. 

Neutral and precise sound is one thing, but to get anywhere close to REALISTIC and LIFELIKE reproduction levels - much more effort is needed. We believe our mission has been accomplished fully.

Join us at: HIFI DELUXE HIGH-END AUDIO SHOW 2023 May 19-21 in Munich."

More info and pricing to follow.