New WAY Cables PoetryX Flagship Cables

WAY Cables PoetryX balanced XLR interconnect, the new WAY Cables flagship, is coming!. The WAY Cables X SERIES World Premiere will occur at the Munich #HighEnd2023 Show in Room F113 - Atrium 4.1. The X SERIES cables will show the highest sonic abilities of connected electronics and speakers.

WAY Cables will fully connect an ultimate audio system consisting of Stenheim Alumine Two.Five speakers (world premiere), System 25 server/player/streamer and Audys acoustic panels by VDM Sound Group, darTZeel Audio SA amplifier CTH-8550 and DAC LHC-208 mk2, NAGRA AUDIO CD player and Thales turntable TTT-Compact + EMT. The electronics will be placed on a Thixar Audio hifi rack.
The first presentation of the X SERIES at the world-leading audio Show in Munich will showcase the following new flagship models:

- PoetryX - Top of the range from the analogue RCA & XLR and digital S/PDIF & AES/EBU cables,
- EndlessX - Reference single-wire speaker cable + jumpers also available as a bi-wiring and bi-amping version,
- IntuitionX - Ultimate Ethernet audio cable that exceeds by far the Category 8.1 standards.
WAY cables will be supported with Graphite Audio CIS 60 isolation stands (world debut) and AV RoomService CVP EC electromagnetic couplers & vibration protectors.