New WestminsterLab Quest DS Audio Module

WestminsterLab writes: "We, at WestminsterLab, always strive to bring our own perspective to every single product that we create. With the recent release of our MC/MM phono module for the Quest, we are proud to announce the launch of a DS Audio module as well. DS Audio has been one of the pioneers in the industry for cartridge production, and we are honored to have collaborated with them over the past year to put forth our own interpre- tation of optical cartridge reproduction. This partnership allows us to offer more choices in terms of cartridge selection and equalization solutions for existing DS Audio customers."

"The DS Audio module is certified by DS Audio to be compatible with their cartridges, and it will be available through our distributors worldwide starting in June. The susgested retail price for the module is US5,200.

The DS Audio module of the Quest employs the same coupling capacitor technology as our MC and MM counterparts, offering an unprecedented level of speed and distortion in the industry. A dedicated power supply for the LED of the cartridge has been integrated into the module, and customers have 2 built-in high-pass filters to choose from: Disable, -6dB (20Hz), or -12dB (20Hz).

Installing the DS module is identical to that of the MC/MM module; a few T10 screws and a couple of minutes are all it takes to install the module into the Quest. Customers who are not confident can also ask their nearest dealer or distributor for assistance."