21st century room acoustic design…

We’re often talking about the importance of room acoustics in high-end audio. The biggest challenge is for sure practical implementation of acoustical treatment, that keeps the organic flow of the music and stray away for creating the pro audio studio like feel. 
Herzog and De Meuron’s concert hall is built from not less then 10,000 unique, gypsum fiber acoustic panels. Parametric design, that is the result of special algorithms calculations produced more then one million unique cells, that can be in diameter from four to sixteen centimeters. 

Yasuhisa Toyota tailored the sound map for the auditorium in such way that panels act either as absorbers or diffusor. The sum of all panels brings a balanced sound projection with the similar reverb projection across complete hall.

Similar technique has been used for centuries in cathedrals, churches etc. One example that I’ve encountered at my last year’s visit to Granada was astonishing Alhambra fortress where similar, hand carved ornaments creates one of the kind acoustics and this sonic impression still lingers on. 
Elbphilharmonie uses similar approach, but with the 21st technology. Definitely something worthing of getting deeper into.