TIDAL For Bugatti MP-1 Preamplifier Review

The German high-end audio manufacturer, TIDAL Audio, has managed over the years to establish an impressive portfolio of products with healthy upgrade intervals between versions. These upgrades were always developed without skipping the foundation of its rich heritage. TIDAL Audio is associated with numerous qualities such as a flawless proprietary Piano finish, the use of unique materials, state-of-the-art components, crystal-clear […]


JPLAY is excited to announce the latest update to its iOS app (version 1.0.14), now featuring integration with TIDAL MAX. This update represents a significant leap forward in digital music streaming, offering unparalleled audio quality for JPLAY iOS app users. Introducing TIDAL MAX in JPLAY With the integration of TIDAL MAX, JPLAY users can now enjoy audio streaming up to 24-bit, 192 kHz, […]

Burmester Bespoke

Burmester writes: “With Bespoke, we create handcrafted individual pieces according to your personal preferences. Decorative details as well as entire surfaces offer you the freedom to color our products in any imaginable shade or refine them with almost any conceivable material. The range of possibilities is endless. Explore Our Bespoke World With Bespoke, your visions come to life. Our passion […]


Nagra Audio writes. “Some CLASSIC PHONO and CLASSIC PSU waiting to be tested.As you might know, our quality control is extremly picky. The aluminum is almost a living material and the parts that we use cannot be 100% homogeneous. The yellow stickers mean for us that the defect in the aluminum is so tiny that no one would see it […]

YG Acoustics Lattice Tweeter

YG Acoustics writes:”Our new Lattice tweeter uses a novel airframe in a specially-selected lightweight aerospace alloy, machined in-house. Based on advanced, multi-domain simulation, it delivers exceptionally low distortion over a huge bandwidth, with wide angular dispersion to support a large sweet-spot. The surrounding wave-guide is highly optimized in both overall shape and fine texture to maximize the performance of the […]

HiFi-Tuning Fuses

Insights into the production of high-end audio fuses at HiFi-Tuning. The first photo shows the very complicated laser drilling process of the cone into the very hard ceramic to implant the diamonds. The second picture shows thousands of Supreme³ Fuses ready for the cryo process. photos courtesy of HiFi-Tuning