SOtM sPQ-100 Review

Known primarily for its digital, networking, and DAC products, SOtM has built a strong presence in the audio market. Over the years, I have tried and tested a number of SOTM products, and there’s always something unique about the way the company approaches the design of certain products that consistently come with great, engaging sound. The sPQ-100 is the latest […]

Aavik P-580 Amplifier & C-580 Preamplifier Review

Recently, the three well-known and recognized high-end audio manufacturers Ansuz, Aavik, and Børresen Acoustics were united under one brand Audio Group Denmark. This has created a unique and extremely potent high-end audio hub with a wealth of audio products that offer a wide range of products that can be combined to create high-performance, high-end audio systems.  Like the rest of Audio […]

Westminsterlab Quest preamplifier review

The WestminsterLab Quest solid-state preamplifier is the latest addition to the portfolio of this unique and highly interesting high-end audio company. Following the extremely positive debut of WestminsterLab electronics with the introduction of the REI Class-A power amplifiers I reviewed here, the Quest follows the same uncompromising path that anchored by REI. Here is the breakdown of all the important features and […]