atm audio Garbi 60 Amplifier Review

atm audio I recently reviewed the ATM Audio Llebeig-A preamplifier and as announced, here is the review of the ATM Audio Garbi 60 power amplifiers by Jesús Alejos Pérez. I have already written about the origins of ATM Audio and the impressive and interesting background of Jesús Alejos Pérez, but for those who have not read the review of the Llebeig-A, […]

Ubiqaudiolab Ubicube Power Amplifier Review

The ubiqaudiolab ubicube solid-state stereo power amplifier is another highly interesting product with an extremely refined, stylish exterior and an even more impressive inner heart.   Ubiqaudiolab The ubiqaudiolab team consists of two engineers of diverse and distinct kinds: Igor Kante and Andrej Lakner. Both are passionate, extreme in their visions and masterships, and have four decades of experience working […]


Holborne Passion Integrated amplifier was another one of those interesting and fulfilling evaluations with so many unexpected unfoldings and inspiring triggers to write about at so many points during the test.  HOLBORNE HOLBORNE is an outstanding Swiss HiFi brand, named after the English Renaissance composer of the same name. Meinrad Müller, a passionate musician, and technician founded the manufacture in […]


True Life Audio is no stranger to those who attended various High-End Audio shows or events over the past few years. Their electronics could be easily noticed in combination with many esteemed brands and always generated an extra involvement factor that doesn’t always exist, regardless of pedigree or price. Those who have not detected or heard TrueLife Audio’s product have […]


This is already the third product review from the Gold Note 10-series at Mono and Stereo. Both the DS -10 and PH -10 have proven to be truly valuable high-end audio products, and as you can read on the recently introduced PA-10 power amplifiers, they continue the legacy of great-sounding and reasonably affordable audio equipment from Tuscany, Italy. MEET THE […]

Totaldac Amp-1 amplifier review

An amplifier from Totaldac!? This is certainly the question that many have raised when The Amp-1 was introduced. Totaldac is renowned for its expertise with DACs, servers, and digital paraphernalia. But a Totaldac amplifier!? Well, if you know a bit more about Vincent Brient, his background, or if you’ve followed his successful venture this feels like a most natural and […]