Qualio IQ Speakers Review

When Grzegorz Rulka from Cube Audio contacted me and introduced me to his new project Qualio and the uniquely conceptualized IQ loudspeakers, I saw a great opportunity to give our readers the chance to learn more about these interesting speakers, which thanks to direct sales are much more affordable than the usual offerings and can therefore be imagined in many […]

HANOWA MOON II Super Tweeter Speakers Review.

High-end audio enthusiasts and music lovers are constantly looking for new ways to enhance their listening experience by achieving greater realism, often a more sweeping soundstage, better timbre, and more immersive playback, among other things. Fortunately, the market offers several different products designed to meet a variety of needs and requirements. MOON II Meet the HANOWA MOON II, a bi-directional […]

Raidho TD1.2 Speakers Review

The series of current reviews continues with the testing of the Raidho TD1.2 flagship stand mount bookshelf speakers.  TD1.2  The Raidho TD1.2 model continues the legacy of the highly acclaimed C1.2 and D1.1 loudspeakers. The TD1.2 has been redesigned from the ground up to take sound reproduction to a whole new level while adopting the modern esthetics of the D […]


Totaldac’s new D-100 speakers may not be the next product you’d expect from Vincent Brient, but they fit more than nicely into the Totaldac product portfolio.  For some time now, Vincent Brient has been offering customers the option of purchasing a complete Totaldac high-end audio system. While the Totaldac d150-anniversary have already found many happy homes, the d-100 is far […]


SoundSpace Systems speakers from Germany are no strangers to Mono and Stereo readers. I’ve already written in-dept about their 300+ kg flagship Aidoni here and my impressions with Pirol speakers here.  You can also get an insight into the mindset of SoundSpace Systems owner Michael Plessmann in the interview here.  As you can read throughout the review, the recently introduced […]


  Everything Cees Ruijtenberg signed under development credits attracts my attention, and that goes back to his products signed under Metrum Acoustics and Sonnet Digital Audio. His latest venture with Lion Kwaaijtaal delivers another very interesting high-end audio product, designed to be an ultra-high-performance, high-end monitor. The Acelec Model One passive speakers come with some original solutions and a careful choice of materials, refined in […]


When Grzegorz from Cube Audio inquired about the review of the Nenuphar speakers, I immediately rewind back almost three decades. Back then I was totally into single speakers with full-range drivers and all the trappings like SET amplifiers etc. I owned or built quite a few proven designs or conceptual speakers with full-range drivers. The results varied and were not […]


Xavian speakers and Roberto Barletta requires no introduction for Mono and Stereo readers and followers. Over the years we have published a number of articles and reviews about this very interesting high-end audio manufacturer from the Czechia. All the Xavian speakers that I was either evaluated or listened to at the various locations were consistently voiced properly and distinctively stylishly formulated. With […]