MSB Technology Digital Director Review

I have been using the MSB Technology Select DAC as my reference-level digital audio front end for several years. MSB Technology Select has emerged from superbly researched and refined technologies based on nearly thirty years of continuous exploration of the submarine depths of digital and it still represents one of the best, if not the most sonic signature-free ultra-high-end audio […]

Sonnet Audio Pasithea DAC Review.

It has been almost three years since I reviewed the Sonnet Audio Morpheus DAC. The test was of great interest because the Morpheus offered a lot of performance for the price in a relatively small space. Cees Ruijtenberg’s latest creation is called Pasithea and is currently Sonnet’s flagship DAC with twice as many custom-designed and built DAC modules and even […]

dCS Rossini APEX Player And Rossini Clock Review

There is no doubt that dCS products are among the most sought-after digital front ends today. Despite their rich heritage and roots, dCS is far from anachronistic. Their continuity in product development is tremendous and impressive, to say the least, and their major technical and esthetic transformation a few years ago makes them straight away recognizable even from a quick […]

EarMen Tradutto DAC Review

Tradutto is the latest EarMen DAC and a product that touches on many of the oft-requested basics that we will detail throughout the review.   EarMen The team behind EarMen has been developing tube amplifiers for more than a decade, working to perfect a neutral, natural, and clean sound wrapped in a beautiful, high-quality design.  They wanted to translate their […]

SW1X Audio Design DAC III Balanced Review

Many audiophiles and music lovers have shown great interest in the SW1X Audio Design DACs. These DACs are the brainchild of Dr. Slawa Roschkow and were designed from the ground up with music in mind.  Dr. Slawa Roschkow’s proud creations have already set foot on the high-end audio DAC market and are known for their analog-like qualities in dealing with […]


The last decade has brought an enormous tension with product output across all price ranges of high-end digital audio. The driving demand for more affordable DACs certainly opens the door to more high-quality audio reproduction for many more people.  Consequently, higher demand leads to larger quantities, which not only drives prices down. This dynamic allows for the introduction of products […]


Yes, it’s a fact that I love exploring the upper echelon of high-end audio gear, but that doesn’t preclude my fascination and enthusiasm for high-end audio products that are more affordable and at the reach of many more audiophiles and music lovers.  It’s a far more difficult task to achieve something at a more affordable level than it is with […]


Rarely does anything from the other side of the audio fence generate much interest among audiophiles and music lovers in the high-end audio industry, but Abendrot STUTE True Audio Master Clock Generator and HENGST True D/A Converter for STUTE are a different breed of cutting-edge digital products, with the undisputed submarine-like depth experience from pro audio. So when Ryuji Seto […]


There is a constant product output from Audio Analogue Italy, which with each new version of products strives to bring out something new and meaningful. One of the latest products that the Audio Analouge team has introduced is AAdac, from the PureAA line. The Italian manufacturer of high-end audio products, which has long been producing a wide range of products […]

Sonnet Digital Audio Morpheus DAC review

Cees Ruijtenberg surely needs no introduction to the audiophiles and high-end audio community. He’s a well known and respected audio designer and the very man behind the Metrum Acoustics’s products. I have a pretty long tracked experience with Metrum Acoustics Adagio DAC and really liked it’s sonic balance and potent core. It was more than interesting to explore Ruijtenberg’s new […]