Tara Labs Muse Cables Review

We’ve been in contact with Devon Scott Dicker, TARA Labs President of sales & marketing for a long time, and I’ve heard TARA Labs cables on multiple ocassions but not until recently I’ve had a chance to finally try their highly revered high-end audio cable. I was able to choose the line to my liking and of I’ve went for […]

HANOWA Signature Edition AC Power Cord Review.

I’ve already reviewed the HANOWA “Signature Series”, but this time HANOWA sent in the latest, upgraded 2023 Signature Edition version of their power cable for evaluation. The first generation of HANOWA Cable was launched on a limited scale in 2016 and officially promoted in 2021. It consisted of three categories: AC Power Cord, Analog/Digital Audio Cable, and Speaker Cable.  The second […]

HANOWA ACME AC Power Cable Review.

Josef Sperl, the co-founder of the HANOWA brand, has made many outstanding achievements in the field of music performance and the development and manufacture of musical instruments and loudspeakers. Hanowa products are the favorites of many famous bands and are used for live performances. HANOWA Since its establishment, Hanowa has manufactured many kinds of musical instruments and audio equipment with […]

Gekko Cables Purple Haze XLR And Floaters Review.

Gekko Cables was founded in 2012 to design and manufacture high-quality cables for audiophiles, musicians, and recording studios. Gekko Cables’ product range includes everything from interconnect, speakers, microphone, instrument, power, and digital cables.  All cables are handmade and can be custom-made to customer specifications. Gekko Cables’ philosophy of cable design is simple: they use high-quality conductors and protect them with […]

Esprit Audio L’Esprit Power Cable Review.

Aside from the many encounters with Esprit Audio products at the trade shows in numerous premium high-end audio systems, this is my first hands-on experience with their products in my familiar and well-controlled listening environment  When Vivien Falize, Esprit’s export manager, suggested that I evaluate the brand’s flagship L’Esprit power cord, I was happy to oblige.  The Story The story […]

KBL Sound Himalaya II XLR And Power Pro II Cables Review

In parallel with the development of high-end audio electronics and speakers, the exploding high-end cable industry offers improvements to established solutions or new approaches that are more than ever worth discovering.  Consequently, there is a constant request for me to explore different types and different levels of cables that can meet specific needs and integrate them into the variety of […]

STEALTH Audio Śakra V16 And Śakra V17 Limited Edition Cables Review

The second installment of the exploration of STEALTH Audio cables continues with the Śakra V16 and Śakra V17 Limited Edition analog interconnects. The STEALTH Audio power cables have already made a great impression, and as you can read in the review, the Śakra V16 and Śakra V17 Limited Edition continue that impression with accolades.  STEALTH Audio Cables Serguei Timachev and […]

NxLT Flame XLR And RCA Cables Review

There is always a lot of interest in the various cable solutions and options in all price ranges. Since there is an ongoing interest about different cable design and manufacturing options, I chose the NeXt Level Tech Audio NxLT Flame cables for this installement.  Robert Słowiński sent two pairs of Next Level Tech (NxLT) NxLT Flame XLR and RCA analog […]

HANOWA Cables Analog Audio Cable & AC Power Cord Review

Another cable review, this time from HANOWA Germany, with a great execution, impressive background and more…   Here is the highly interesting story of HANOWA/Solton Acoustics or the brands, which is just too impressive not to show.  (1972) FOUNDATION Founding of the SOLTON Music company by Josef Sperl and establishment of the administration and production facility in Pocking Germany, focusing […]

STEALTH Audio Power Cables Review

Serguei Timachev and his STEALTH Audio Cables have a kind of cult status among their owners. STEALTH Audio uses many unique materials and techniques, and Serguei Timachev is always looking to break new ground and push the boundaries of high-end audio cable manufacturing with his unique vision and determination.  So when I was asked to evaluate various levels and designs of STEALTH […]