Graphite Audio IC-35 Premium Isolation Cones Review

Continuing the exploration of high-end audio accessories, we delve into the realm of Graphite Audio and their interesting IC-35 Premium Isolation Cones.   A Brief History of the Brand In 2008, Szymon Rutkowski embarked on a thorough examination of the available anti-vibration and isolation solutions in the market, recognizing their impact on sound quality. After a decade of experimenting with […]

Taiko Audio Extreme Switch And Extreme Network Card Review

The Taiko Audio Extreme server has already gained and is still keeping the end-game status of a music server for several years for various reasons. Along with the cost-no-object approach, most importantly for the exceptional sound quality that is for an impressive amount of customers from all over the world, still unmatched. Now, after years of successfully catering and virtually […]

WELLFLOAT Babel Review.

I am always excited and interested in projects, brands, and products that capture the imagination with different approaches, push boundaries, and have strong connections to already proven concepts from other industries. So when the opportunity to try WELLFLOAT Babel presented itself, I did not hesitate to accept the offer to evaluate it.  The story G CLEF Acoustics was established in […]

Schnerzinger Grid Protector and EMI Protector Review.

Schnerzinger Protectors, cables, power ladders, etc. are found in some of the most impressive ultra-high-end audio systems and are at home in numerous German audiophile and music enthusiast systems.  Schnerzinger is not exactly a newcomer to the high-end audio market. The company has been around longer than most people realize, but they are very careful about their exposure and curate […]

Furutech Destat III Review

In this review, I take a closer look at one of the many Furutech accessories designed to take high-end audio components and systems to a higher level of performance.  The static buildup is a problem that many other industries have long grappled with in a variety of ways, as several thousand volts of static can accumulate on various materials. One […]


The series of reviews continues with the Solidsteel SS -7 Vintage Hi-Fi speaker stands, which offer a real piece of Italian craftsmanship and a more than a considerable increase in performance at an affordable price.  AN ITALIAN HISTORY Solidsteel is a small Italian company that manufactures branded furniture and equipment for audio and video components. They are present not only […]


In the latest review, I explore a highly interesting high-end audio accessory, the Hifistay Hardpoint Trinia +α vibration isolators from Korea.  HARDPOINT Since 2012, Mr. Naiwon Pyun started to develop a new generation of flagship footers, applying HIFISTAY’s own “Swing Technology”, and after designing countless prototypes and long extensive field tests with various audiophiles in Korea, he finally introduced the […]

Tungsten Grooves feet review

  For some, high-end accessories still fall under esoteric labeling, while others who have experimented with aftermarket products have experienced both positive and negative effects. These can be drastically leveled out in both opposites.  For years, many of the high-end audio manufacturers have been using exotic materials and complex mechanical solutions to deal with resonances. Not only for high-end accessories […]