Taiko Audio Extreme Switch And Extreme Network Card Review

The Taiko Audio Extreme server has already gained and is still keeping the end-game status of a music server for several years for various reasons. Along with the cost-no-object approach, most importantly for the exceptional sound quality that is for an impressive amount of customers from all over the world, still unmatched. Now, after years of successfully catering and virtually […]

Pink Faun 2.16 Ultra Streamer Review

I reviewed the Pink Faun 2.16x high-end audio music server back in 2021 and received a glowing review that prompted a lot of feedback, inquiries, and correspondence about music servers and digital audio in general.  It’s quite amazing the pace at which digital audio is evolving, but that’s also due to the ongoing and parallel developments in computers/processors/components sub-industries, which […]


Due to the frequency of inquiries about the various aspects of setting up digital front-ends and general questions about top-level digital reproduction, the subject of digital audio, its associated paraphernalia, and its complexity has become a rather daily undertaking. We have reached a point where everything related to the reproduction of music through digital consumption has its degree of sophistication […]