Crosszone CZ-8A Headphones Review

The subject of this review is the Crosszone CZ-8A headphones from Japan. Many audiophiles have built their headphone system over the years, along with a two-channel high-end audio setup for various reasons.  Extreme demand for headphone-only systems, which have rapidly evolved over the decades created a highly interesting market segment for many companies. Hence considerably more or less successful introductions […]


We are witnessing remarkable growth in the headphone market due to global circumstances and people trying to organize their private enviroments. This growth is not only seen in Hi-Fi but also in gaming and Bluetooth headphones, which is why Apple recently released their Bluetooth headphones. The increase in online shopping and the fact that people are spending more time on […]

Sennheiser HD820 headphones / HDV820 headphone amplifier review

Sennheiser, the German manufacturer, is one of the most accomplished and widely known audio gear companies. The German company has been engaged in audio activities for 70 years and is still quite innovative. According to the manufacturer’s website, the turnover is €667,7 million (2017) and it employs around 3.000 people all around the World. For the most audiophiles, Sennheiser may […]


There’s no doubt. The audiophile headphone market has expanded in the past decade to quite unbelievable proportions. It’s certainly a reflection of the era we’re living in and the way the majority of people perceives and experiences the music. I’ve been heavily involved with the ultra side of the headphone niche industry and all the surrounding paraphernalia almost twenty years […]

Vorzüge VorzAMP pure II™ review

Headphone listening as movement and industry affected was never more strong then at present times. It might be the biggest phenomena happening in audio, impacting not only specific niche industry segment, but whole industry at large. If companies like Sonus faber and Samsung entered the headphone market clear indicator of big band is self evident. People in 21st century are […]

Cembalo Lab Spring 1 headphone amplifier review

Audiophiles and music lovers cannot ignore anymore the high-end headphone movement and associated products. Its a big bang of our industry. Like it or not.  My exploration of headphones and headphone amplifiers date back some twenty plus years. I was heavily involved and spend small fortune in the late 90’s on different headphones, amplifiers and other associated paraphernalia. In early […]