SOtM sPQ-100 Review

Known primarily for its digital, networking, and DAC products, SOtM has built a strong presence in the audio market. Over the years, I have tried and tested a number of SOTM products, and there’s always something unique about the way the company approaches the design of certain products that consistently come with great, engaging sound. The sPQ-100 is the latest […]

Tara Labs Muse Cables Review

We’ve been in contact with Devon Scott Dicker, TARA Labs President of sales & marketing for a long time, and I’ve heard TARA Labs cables on multiple ocassions but not until recently I’ve had a chance to finally try their highly revered high-end audio cable. I was able to choose the line to my liking and of I’ve went for […]

Graphite Audio IC-35 Premium Isolation Cones Review

Continuing the exploration of high-end audio accessories, we delve into the realm of Graphite Audio and their interesting IC-35 Premium Isolation Cones.   A Brief History of the Brand In 2008, Szymon Rutkowski embarked on a thorough examination of the available anti-vibration and isolation solutions in the market, recognizing their impact on sound quality. After a decade of experimenting with […]

Hana Umami Red Cartridge Review

HANA cartridges are already well-recognized and loved by many analog aficionados and music lovers around the globe. With the Umami Red MC cartridge, HANA ventures into the delicate realm of MC cartridges, where some of the most iconic Japanese designs have been perfected, including the renowned Urushi lacquer-based cartridges. I was thrilled when Hiroshi Ishihara of Youtek Limited offered me […]

Qualio IQ Speakers Review

When Grzegorz Rulka from Cube Audio contacted me and introduced me to his new project Qualio and the uniquely conceptualized IQ loudspeakers, I saw a great opportunity to give our readers the chance to learn more about these interesting speakers, which thanks to direct sales are much more affordable than the usual offerings and can therefore be imagined in many […]

MSB Technology Digital Director Review

I have been using the MSB Technology Select DAC as my reference-level digital audio front end for several years. MSB Technology Select has emerged from superbly researched and refined technologies based on nearly thirty years of continuous exploration of the submarine depths of digital and it still represents one of the best, if not the most sonic signature-free ultra-high-end audio […]

Taiko Audio Extreme Switch And Extreme Network Card Review

The Taiko Audio Extreme server has already gained and is still keeping the end-game status of a music server for several years for various reasons. Along with the cost-no-object approach, most importantly for the exceptional sound quality that is for an impressive amount of customers from all over the world, still unmatched. Now, after years of successfully catering and virtually […]

Aavik P-580 Amplifier & C-580 Preamplifier Review

Recently, the three well-known and recognized high-end audio manufacturers Ansuz, Aavik, and Børresen Acoustics were united under one brand Audio Group Denmark. This has created a unique and extremely potent high-end audio hub with a wealth of audio products that offer a wide range of products that can be combined to create high-performance, high-end audio systems.  Like the rest of Audio […]

HANOWA MOON II Super Tweeter Speakers Review.

High-end audio enthusiasts and music lovers are constantly looking for new ways to enhance their listening experience by achieving greater realism, often a more sweeping soundstage, better timbre, and more immersive playback, among other things. Fortunately, the market offers several different products designed to meet a variety of needs and requirements. MOON II Meet the HANOWA MOON II, a bi-directional […]

HANOWA Signature Edition AC Power Cord Review.

I’ve already reviewed the HANOWA “Signature Series”, but this time HANOWA sent in the latest, upgraded 2023 Signature Edition version of their power cable for evaluation. The first generation of HANOWA Cable was launched on a limited scale in 2016 and officially promoted in 2021. It consisted of three categories: AC Power Cord, Analog/Digital Audio Cable, and Speaker Cable.  The second […]