Tellurium Q Cables At Ascot

Tellurium Q cables at Ascot with Taiko Audio, Soulnote, Fink Team, T+A, etc. Room 512 Soulnote A-2 DACSoulnote A-3 integrated amplifierFink Team Kim speakersFranc Audio isolation productsTellurium Q cables – a mixture including Silver Diamond and Statement II Room 513 Taiko Audio Extreme music serverT+A Taliis S300 speakers Stratton Acoustics Suite 353-354 Stratton Acoustics Elypsis 1512Technics SL-1000R turntableTechnics SU-R1000 digital […]

Ologe Acoustic

Ologe Acoustic writes: “We bring some famous Antique violins and show with Ologe acoustic + GEM Audio at 21 Oct, 2023 in Chongqing Philharmonic.” 1) Carlo II Bergonzi 17902) Ferdinandus Garimberti 19423) G Baptita Ceruti 17804) Giusseppe Lucci 19665) Nicolo Gagliano 17606) Oddone 19317) VN Marino Capicchioni 1951


New NAGRA HD PHONO is coming this fall after four years of R&D ! All vacuum tubes phono stage with no transistors, 2x EF806 (microphones reference tube) and one E88CC per channel, like HD PREAMP.” “First stage of 26 dB with a NAGRA custom made Cobalt input transformer with multi steps loading direct on the remote for perfect matching impedance […]

Goldmund Melos Passive

Goldmund writes: “Crafted to embody auditory perfection, the Melos Passive loudspeaker resides within a stylish, monolithic cube. Engineered with meticulous precision, this elegant speaker faithfully renders sound in its purest essence. The harmonious marriage of technology and aesthetics is beautifully showcased in its distinct lines, reminiscent of rugged rock formations – a tribute to the sway of nature and Goldmund’s […]