A mighty upgrade…

“This is one of the must and most visited audio set up at Ipoh, Malaysia. The owner have upgraded his set up from Goldmund 3500+ (2 pairs) and Goldmund 32.5 processor and pre to Gryphon Audio Design flagship; a pair of Mephisto Solo, Pre amp Pandora and DAC Kalliopee.

In term of sound performance with the same loudspeakers, Wilson Audio XLF, all whom have heard them easily testify how far the Gryphon have elevated her. There are much better detail, texture, timbre, tone accuracy, tonal balance, bass, slam, articulation in the lower registry, transient of energy and etc from the Gryphon. 

There, I was so amazed and mesmerized with Carol Kidd’s “When I dream” (CD) that I told the owner that “it is close to an analogue rendition”! It’s the ability of that system in transmitting the emotional content in that recording that impressed me and touched me…Most Impressive!” – Dato’ Danon Han