A new design icon – Goldmund releases GAIA

Goldmund has released their new flagship speaker system named GAIA. Following in the footsteps of the iconic MoMA exhibited Apologue and Epilogue designs, the team at Goldmund in Geneva were determined to create a new reference design with a contemporary aesthetic for the 21st century. 

In Greek mythology, GAIA is depicted as mother earth and therefore it’s quite fitting that this new speaker is the vision and creation of two extremely talented women – designer Cecile Barani and Dr Veronique Adam (Head of Acoustics at Goldmund).

Appearing to be hewn from solid metal, the minimalist design is ingeniously fabricated with no visible fixings, exhibiting the typical luxurious manufacturing that we have come to expect from a Swiss-Made product.

Evolving Goldmund’s renowned mechanical grounding technology from the classic Z-Frame ‘exoskeleton’ design, as seen in the legendary Apologue model, the GAIA now incorporates this important technical feature as an internal ‘endoskeleton’ support structure.

Utilising 8 drivers and 8 channels of their unique Telos amplifier and Alize DAC circuitry, the 5-way DSP active speaker produces a total of 2500 watts per channel with the added convenience of Goldmund’s proprietary wireless connection.

This latest statement design marks an important step for the new young, and extremely talented team at Goldmund, as it will also inform the look of the next generation of products that are currently under development.

Finally, as befits a flagship design, GAIA will be one of the first models produced in Goldmund’s brand new manufacturing and R&D facility that opens later this year in Geneva.

UK Price is currently £500,000

Distributed in the UK by SONATA and exclusively available at Robert Taussig Co (London)  

About Sonata 

Sonata is a specialist hi-fi ‘boutique’ situated in North West London. 
Based in a beautiful converted church, Sonata’s bespoke consultation service tailors hi-fi systems that fit individual lifestyles, needs, and ‘ideal sound’ perceptions.
Working on an appointment only basis, they create an atmosphere that is relaxed, friendly, welcoming and always filled with music.
With backgrounds in the music industry and sound engineering, music lies at the heart of the Sonata team and it’s the daily driving force and inspiration behind everything they do.
This music industry experience has given them the tools they need to help select, install and commission the finest audio products in the world.

About Goldmund

Founded in 1978, Goldmund has set the standard for ultra-luxury audio products worldwide by allying the most advanced technologies to the utmost quality of materials and customized services.  
Based in Geneva, the company’s exceptional product design is matched by its industry-leading commitment to fundamental research in audio performance. Employing a team of electro-acoustic engineering experts, Goldmund has developed and introduced industry firsts such as home wireless music distribution, Proteus speaker modelling, mechanical grounding, thermal grounding, extreme multichannel processing and many more. 
At the forefront of the luxury audio marketplace, Goldmund manufactured mythical products such as the original Reference turntable, the Apologue speaker exhibited at MoMA, the Telos 5500 amplifier, the Eidos Reference SACD digital player, and the Goldmund Media Room, a revolutionary customised Home-Theatre solution.
Today Goldmund continues to offer ultimate audiophile products and has also developed luxury lifestyle lines that provide a unique performance while simplifying customers’ lives with wireless systems. The GAIA speaker is without a doubt a perfect illustration of this evolution with its extreme performance, customised finish, customised software program, and wireless features.