Acon Audio Ultima 4 active hybrid speakers

Ultima 4 is the top model of the Acon Audio new generation active loudspeaker model series, designed without compromises.
Each speaker has dedicated power amplifiers and each drivers uses its own power amplifier. Two tube amplifiers serves 24W to to midrange/tweeters four MOS-FET based power amps in bridge drives bass units. The overall performance of the bass section is rated at 600W sine power, 3000W peak power.

Electronic crossover ensures the proper balance of the sound. Ultima 4 is designed as fully balanced system with XLR inputs.

Max. long-term sound pressure:
Frequency response in free field:20 Hz – 20 kHz (-3 dB)
Crossover Crossover frequency:320 Hz, 2800 Hz
Net Noise level:116 db SPL (@ 1 meter), limited-proof. circuits
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input:Symmetrical with XLR connector, impedance 10 kilohms
Input sensitivity (for max. Power):Adjustable -12dB to + 24dBu with 1dB
The scope of regulation in individual bands:-7dB To 0 db with 1dB
Lowermost frequency regulation:-4 DB to + 2dB increments of 2 db
power supply:AC 230V / 50 Hz
Power consumption (standby / idle state / full):3.5 / 300/800 VA
Dimensions (W x D x H)455 x 740 x 1630 mm
Weight:225 kg
Power amplifiers – middle and treble
Amplifier: 2x single acting class A triode
Replacing Tubes: JJ 12DW7 2p, JJ 2A3-40W 4 pieces
Maximum power: 2x 24W @ 2% THD
distortion: 0.15% @ 1W 
Power amplifiers – Bass
Type output amplifier: 4x MOSFET Class AB, 2x 2 in the bridge
Power amplifiers (continuous / peak): 2x 300W / 1500W / 8Ohm
Distortion amplifiers (at nom. Power): THD <0 .04="" i="" smpte-im="">
S / N Ratio (relative to full power): ³102 dB (A curve)