Across the Europe…

Above the Zurich, approaching the Swiss Alps and getting closer to home. Missed the flight yesterday, but the very last five minute fiasco turned into a perfect day. I could really took the time and listen to  the Gryphon Pendragon speakers driven by the grand scale Gryphon electronics. We continued our discussion regarding the complexity of high end audio industry with Flemming and set the plan for the Pendragon review. After tasting the Portugal vibrant and uber pleasing food we explored the city center in a company of WIT gentleman – Roy Gregory.

It’s hard to leave Portugal for its beauty and people. Ultimate Audio’s Miguel and Antonio grand hospitality still resonates as well as everything connected to the store happening event.

Time to land from heavens and return to daily  correspondence, making few interesting trips/visits and in two weeks travel to another warm destination and people connected intimately with music and high end audio. Greece I’m coming soon… Stay tuned!