ACT moment

… not Moment Act…
ACT moment… yes, as I’m an avid collector and follower of this German jazz record label, a label with a consistency and an aesthetics which only ECM, Astree and Harmonia Mundi have… talking about “aesthetics” I’m talking about cover art AND music, of course. My most belived ACT discs are E.S.T. and Lars Landgen, but many others would remain hidden and unknown if… not buying by chance a sampler “ACT STORY” containing the above and others less known performers: Bugge Wesseltoft’ piano… his “Du Gronne, Glitrende Tre” from “It’s snowing on my piano”… WOW!!! … or Nguyen Le & Dhafer Youssef’s Kithara from “Homescape” or Nils Landgren’s “I will survive”… every track on this sampler makes you happy, feelin’ groovy and swinging… and most of all wishing, 

I mean STRONGLY wishing to buy all the disks quoted! So, folks, I’m herewith suggesting to find your ACT moment, as well.

Stefano Bertoncello