Adam Vox EILAT/HE-W-UWET speakers

Floor, triple band, bass-reflex speaker system, volume 60 liters, is made of combination of natural wood and MDF. The front wall of the baffle is made of natural wood with a thickness of minimum 65 mm and maximum of 110mm. Other walls are made of MDF, covered with a veneer made from natural wood. All edges of the front wall of the baffle are smoothly rounded. The interior of the cabinet consists of four chambers, each convertor placed in a separate chamber. Walls of the chambers are made of MDF with different sizes and thickness of 25 mm. The exposed parts of baffle are reinforced with three millimeters thick bitumen plates, combined with textile fabric. This construction efficiently suppresses the stationary wave motion and prevents transfer of vibrations onto the baffle. A new damping material, Twaron® – Angel Hair, is used at middle-sound chamber. To connect to the amplifier, golden terminals for bi-wiring, alternatively bi-amping connection are used. 
The filtration part contains high-end class passive components from the company Mundorf® or different producers (depending on the requirements of the customer). Design of the crossover, its manufacturing and sound measuring (measuring microphone MIC1 from Holm Acoustic) was made by Adam Vox (Software LspCAD 6 Pro –Ingemar Johansson, IJData, Sweden).


The main material used for outside finishing is oak, beech, walnut and natural veneer according to the type of wood used on the front baffle. Selection of material for the surface treatment is also possible according to specific customer requirements.
The speaker systems feature full range reproduction of sound with natural areal sound distribution. The sound is cultivated, accurate, detailed, one could say “analytical”, but not aggresive so that it can reproduce any musical genre. The systems are sensitive to whatever failures in the musical recordings. Thanks to the baffle, designed and constructed with perfection and with focus to the smallest details, the sound is free of any heteregenous colouring. We recommend to place these systems from medium-sized to big-size rooms (20-35 sq.m.).
Power handling (IEC)
Nominal impedancy
4Ω (min. 3,1 Ω / 85Hz – 100Hz
87dB – 1W/1m
Frequency range
30Hz – 20 kHz (+0/- 3 dB )
Used drivers
Tweeter: 1,1″ Morel ET 338-104 – 1 piece
Middbass: 6″ Morel ECW 638 – 1 piece
Bass: 9″ Morel UW 958 – 2 piece
Recommended amplifier power
100W – 500W
Dimensions (H x W x D)
1100 x 300 x 550mm
86kg (189lb) / piece