AER The Jazz speakers

Another option for the owners of low powered amplifier… AER The Jazz is AER Loudspeakers entry level, highly efficient (100db /1w/1m) back loaded horn with front loaded excenter horn. The Jazz uses brands’ own, AER BD2B High Performance full range driver (395.000 Maxwell)…
The Jazz is a entry level broadband speaker in the AER horn based technology. It is equipped with excellent dynamics, subtle music playback and a superb room simulation. These tonal qualities make this speaker ideal for lovers of jazz and classical music.


Analog horn speaker without crossover
AER excenter horn
Equipped with BD2B driver
High efficiency: 100db /1w/1m
Suitable for the operation with single-ended amps
Acrylic or wooden cabinet
10-year guarantee
As full-range speaker, which works completely without a sound influencing crossover, the purity of analogue playback technology is perfectly suited for HiFi purists and lovers. Due to its high efficiency, the Jazz can also be operated with high quality amplifiers of low power.
Compared to their big brother this speaker has modest dimensions. The sound that it generates is clean and natural. The sound reflects music  as is, omitting nor adding any other layering.
The Jazz is a front and back loaded horn with the AER BD 2B broadband driver . The front horn is known AER Excenternhorn which can also be found in our analog reference, the Pnoe. The back horn, that sends only the low tones, is equipped with a fire down opening, so radiates downwards.
To avoid interference the Excenterhorn is extremely flat and expanded continuously. It is, as its name implies, disposed eccentrically, which also helps eliminates harmonic distortions. Despite its flat design the horn increases the load during low volume playback. With the BD 2B transparency in the midrange and a treble range that the ear can hear the smallest and finest sonics.
The Jazz does not require special electronics and may generally be operated with any good transistor or tube amplifier. Apart from that, the speaker’s high impedance allows for the trouble-free handling of power amplifiers.
Thanks to its high efficiency, it can easily handle amplifiers that do not have high outputs and can also be operated with single-ended triodes.
aer subway subwoofer @ aer jazz loudspeaker
As an option, the speaker can be completed by the subway subwoofer whose design will be adapted to the Jazz.
2 x Jazz loudspeakers with AER BD2B High Performance
2 x AER Excenterhorn
Manual | Certificate | Warranty Certificate
Jazz Backloadedhorn with frontloaded Excenterhorn
Equipped with AER fullrange BD2B high performance Driver
Power: 100 W / 300 W
Impedance: 16 Ohm
Frequency response: 100 Hz – 20 kHz
Dimensions H 106 cm | B 33 cm | T 25 cm
Excenterhorn Dimensions 65 cm | Depth 18cm
Weight: 11 kg
Acryl cabinet in standard high-gloss black or white or veneered satin wood cabinet
2 x  Jazz (acrylic / wooden)
2 x  Jazz + 1 x Subway subwoofer (acrylic / wooden)
Prices in Euro incl. 19% EU-VAT. (- 19% non EU) + shipping costs