Latest insights from our friend Sierra Aznar Victor: “I’m playing around with Plasma Tweeters in my Ale acoustic multi-amp setup. Last year my Ale Acoustic tweeters diaphragm was destroyed and it’s basically impossible to replace it as Ale Acoustic founder died. I’ve tried many tweeters out, but couldn’t find a  satisfying replacement on the level of Ale tweets. Until this… maybe. Lol. No moving parts, cones, diaphragm. 3k-150khz hmmm. Those specs I’m taking with a grain of salt, but after a few weeks of messing with them, they are something different, something special! 

“But the degree of difficulty to get the best out of them needs careful attention. I haven’t quite gotten a little hiss removed. But what they are good at, they are the best I’ve heard. Yes, they are making other best super tweeter out there sound like sandpaper.

I’ll get back when I get more time with them. This tweeter is made by Lansche and is used in their speakers with a six-figure price tag”