Alexandria Audio Praetoria Speakers

Praetoria horn speakers (96db sensitivity) in Alexandria Audio’s official demo/listening room.  

The Who

Kenneth and I (Henry Kristanto) are passionate about loudspeaker systems that can deliver natural realistic musical performance and involve the listener

The Why

Our Ultimate goal for the Praetoria is to let us forget the system and just enjoy the music.

The What

1. High Sensitivity and can be driven with low power tube amplification
2. Controlled Dispersion – delivers pinpoint imaging with breathtaking macro and micro detail
3. Low distortion – staying true to the signal
4. Natural – instruments are easy to be identified, the human voice sounded human and does not go
out of sound’s nature and signature.
5. Neutral – reproducing the recordings as what would the artist and engineer intend to be and
getting the whole story of it.


The Praetoria

1. Kenneth and I have a similarity in the way we enjoy the music, it has to be natural, dynamic, and transparent in terms of tonal balance and imaging (space between instruments and voices) and quite importantly it has to present a great contrast with excellent harmonics presentation. Size does matter. Large vintage loudspeakers in the past could fulfill some of those criteria however we believe we can do better by taking advantage of modern engineering for the woofers, horn, compression driver, and structurally sound cabinet.
2. The Praetoria’s big size is an advantage, but it is also the ultimate challenge and we don’t want to repeat the errors of the past, we only select and use a horn that is absolutely natural and does not have that typical “honkiness” and coloration. With the right combination of a woofer, horn, and compression driver we have achieved to create speakers that can play effortlessly while projecting pinpoint imaging and free from its cabinet boundary.