Amare Musica ASPIRIA RIAA phono preamplifier NEW

ASPIRIA – An universal RIAA phono preamplifier designed to amplify the signal from the both MC and MM cartridges. Ultra low noise power supply , original noise cancellation system , the EQ RIAA all these are our own development and captivating look make that this is not just a device for the ears but also the eyes. Enjoy the vinyl!
Input sensitivity: 0,3 mV – 5 mV
Input impedance: 47K or 1K / 0-1000 pF (MM)
5 – 47K ohm (MC)
Gain: 53dB (MM), 66dB (MC), 76dB (MC)
Balanced and unblanced outputs
Output impedance : 100 / 100 ohms
No capacitor in signal path
Ultra low noise op-amp based power supply
One chassis
Chassis is made from 10mm aluminium
Anti-Vibration Feet