Amphion Loudspeakers Argon3LS floorstanding loudspeakers NEW

Finnish loudspeaker manufacturer Amphion Loudspeakers announces the launch of the newest member of the Argon speaker family – Argon3LS. The new floorstanding speaker follows the already familiar format of all Amphion products, and additionally utilizes innovative engineering from the company’s studio monitor line.
Following Amphion’s fast-growing popularity among the world’s top audio engineers, it was decided to apply the knowledge gained in professional audio to its home audio line. Thus the most frequent comments received for the studio monitors were applicable to the Argon3LS. The precise 3D imaging, the extreme detail and wide sweet-spot, and its phenomenal musicality, are among the strongest features of these new Argons.

“The launch of Argon3LS is part of our concept for streamlining our home audio portfolio, while providing music enthusiasts with the same faithful and detailed, yet musical representation which is already benefiting a number of world’s top sound engineers,” says Anssi Hyvönen – Amphion Loudspeakers Founder and Managing Director. “
Argon3LS loudspeaker is designed with a high resolution tweeter that blends seamlessly with the light, rigid, aluminum woofer. The typical Amphion low-crossover at 1600 Hz creates a point source in the most critical range of human hearing, while the wave-guide creates a wide and even room filling – so that the sweet spot is not selfishly limited to the center. Amphion’s #AllSweetSpot technique provides the same level of music enjoyment to the entire room, and even to those moving about the room.

Through the use of passive radiators, Amphion eliminates the problems typically associated with vented enclosures. This results in a tight, tuneful bass and an amazingly pure and natural-sounding mid-range. The remarkably low frequencies that Argon3LS generates are due to the added volume of the floorstander –  allowing the listener to physically connect with the music.

Pushing the acoustic design limits helps keep the product electrically simple. The result is not only increased resolution, but also enhanced clarity and balance at low listening levels, allowing the Amphion listener to enjoy the speakers in those moments when other listeners are forced to revert to their headphones. Along with its sophisticated acoustic design, the new Argons are engineered with silver-coated, pure copper internal wiring and Argento Audio’s binding posts, resulting in a flawless signal transfer.
Thanks to Amphion’s design approach, influenced to a great extent by the pro audio world, the Argon3LS provides music lovers with an exquisite listening pleasure, revealing details and nuance at a level not heard before. Argon3LS brings the music to you the way the producer and the artist intended it to be.
Argon3LS floorstanding loudspeakers are available in standard white, full white, black, color grids and walnut veneer finishes. The price for all variations is EUR 3,000 (VAT included) or USD 3,790 per pair.
CEDIA EXPO visitors, September 15 -17, will have the chance to experience personally the new Argon3LS, as well as the lately renewed Argon3S and Krypton3 loudspeakers, all employing the same studio monitoring technology.