“On Saturday 3rd February 2018, a bunch of hifi buffs including me were invited by one of the most noted hi-end users – Edmund Leung. to listen to his multi-million system and 4k movie in his huge mansion in the mid-levels. We were also treated to a sumptuous dinner after the show.” 

“Have a look-see below and one’s mouth should be wide open with profuse saliva seeing his gears and the food he served us. Hahaha.” – Wilson Ng
5500 watts Goldmund amp
Q7 MK 2
Metronome cd Player
Touch control CD panel.
The power for the CD
A million dollar Clear Audio Statement Turntable with Reed tone arm.
The $160k Reed tonearm and cartridge.
The CD and LP demagnetizer
The clear audio double layer automatic l.p. cleaner
An array of Hifi and Movie gears
An extended view
Another part of his mansion
A wide angle view
The 4k Sony projector with a hidden 132″ screen up in the ceiling.
His interconnects and speaker cables alone cost more than my whole system.
This pair of white marble horse catches my eye.
Roast suckling pig
Sharkfin soup
Roasted Chicken with white and red wine. And 3 kinds of dessert.
The gangs at dinner.