Analog Relax EX1000 Phono Cartridge

The Analog Relax EX1000 phono cartridge is made from solid 2,000-year-old YAKUSUGI cedar, an extremely rare tree. The grain of the wood is very tight, as the tree rings grow only 1-2 mm per year. The cedar also accumulates resin within itself to prevent wear from frequent rain. 

The use of this rare material in the body of the pickup allows the creation of complex and sensual sounds. Due to the rarity of the wood, it will certainly be difficult to obtain this item in the future. (The EX1000 will be produced in limited quantities using the available YAKUSUGI cedar wood).

The Ruby cantilever

Ruby is said to be the second hardest material after diamond. Analog Relax has machined it down and used it as material for the cantilever. It transmits vibrations at high speeds, allowing it to read the information from the grooves on records quickly. Ruby is a corundum mineral just like sapphire, but they contain different components, with ruby containing chromium.

Specifications and highlights 

・Product number: AR-MCC-EX1000
・Transducer: MC Stereo Cartridge
・Coil: High purity copper
・Cantilever: Ruby
・Stylus: Super Curve Line Contact Ver. 2 (Pure diamond)
・Body: 2,000 years old YAKUSUGI cedar (beeswax finish)
・Electric output: Over 0.5mv (1kHz)
・Internal impedance: 15Ω
・Tracking force: 2.0g
・Magnet: Neodymium multi magnet
・Weight: about 9.0g
・All products are made to order, prepaid. Delivery time is approximately six weeks.
・All products are made by artisans within Japan.
・The solid wood body is made with natural materials, there will be differences in color, grain, weight, etc. between products.
・The body color of the grains will change with age
“Due to its fine 1-2mm grains and the special resin it holds, YAKUSUGI cedar produces a unique sound that cannot be replicated with any other wood. The EX1000 uses its internal structure with these properties to produce a unique sound, especially when used with live instruments.

The un-muddled sound of a full orchestra—the sound of each instrument brings the image of the stage and instruments to the mind’s eye…
The lustrous melody of the strings… The sound of the piano, almost as if it were right next to you…
This is a cartridge for a new era—I confidently recommend it to all music fans and audiophiles.”