Aries Cerat!

Aries Cerat – “Pace , Precision, Rhythm and Timing” video recorded live at the Munich high-end  show 2019 by our friend at Moiz Audio.

Gear exhibited in Munich:

Loudspeakers: Aries Cerat Symphonia
Basshorns: Aries Cerat Erevus
Amplification: Aries Cerat Achilleas
Preamplifier: Aries Cerat Impera II REF
DAC: Aries Cerat Kassandra Signature  DAC
Phonostage: Aries Cerat Talos Signature
Music Server: Pink Faun 2.6X
Turntable: Rui Borges
Tone Arm: Thales Simplicity II
Cartridge: Top Wing Red Sparrow
Cables: Signal projects Atlantis
Power filter: Signal Projects Hydra
Racks and platforms: Stacore