Aries Cerat system grand experience in Athenes

On my last trip the route led me to Athenes-Greece to meet Stavros Danos from Aries Cerat and listen to fully fledged Aries Cerat system. I’ve had a luxury to meet the owner of this grand system, that kindly host us for four days. He previously owned many gear including full scale Audio Note system. His journey with Audio Cerat started slowly, but went into the fifth gear by each new turn. When Stavros lend him his first component our host was really captivated by the performance. So in quite short time step by step the whole Audio Note system transferred into the Aries Cerat based rig. Quite a turn of events!
Now, getting to know our host better I can tell you, that he’s by no means easy to satisfy. I’m traveling quite a lot, meeting many people and listen to their system. Yet, I don’t come across such ardent persons very often. So it was both privilege and fun   being there. Let me say I was moved by the genuinely passionate person with no agenda rather then full enjoyment of the music. 
Aries Cerat system experienced here was not your typical high-end audiophile system. The outcome is result of careful fine tuning and finding the best synergy. 
On the first day of arrival we went directly from the airport for a listening. We agreed to play two three songs and then go for a dinner, as I was practically traveling whole day via connecting flights. Yet, I completely forgot about the time and space and our listening turned into the few hours of music non stop. I’ve didn’t think about the food, drinks or anything else. I was simply immersed into the music. 
So what was so special about this? This is system that plays music with such ease and tremendous reserve of power that breaks many of the typical rules expected. Its something to be heard!
Everything around Aries Cerat is based on the Stvaros unique view of topology and how things should be made properly. He’s thinking in BIG way, but not for the sake of just setting the dramatic mood and false impress with oversizing, but to make things right with his designs. We had a lot of time over four days to speak on numerous of topics. One specific subject, that we focus on quite a lot was properly designed electronics. Many, if not most companies are downsizing their gear for many reasons. Even the very expensive and exotic ones. Stavros components really look monstrous compared to other gear, but he use the properly sized building electronic parts. And when working with proper figures in mind, they don’t come small. Intriguingly many of the parts are not typically of the shelf material. They come from various sources and often they have to be custom made. And they don’t come cheap either…
I’ll focus more on the company and Stavros Danos in future, but let me say the sense of wholeness this musical system presented was in completely different league. This is a high-end audio system for a mature and experienced listener, who can recognise positive attributes instantly. Its the same with the musical impact. What I’ve had a luxury of experiencing in these four days was special. It was pure energy transfer, that hits you with the fullest bloom. 

Every part of the system is crucial, but I really should also highlight the Aries Cerat Symphonia speakers. You really have to see and experience them in person to get the full scale impression. They need whooping 1 m x 1m space for their placement. Seamless musical flow coming out of them and the down to earth bass being formed creates a musical experience that still lingers with me.

This is not a cheap system by any means. Then again, what you’re getting via Aries Cerat product is one of the most hidden gems and practically a bargain compared to what most of companies are charging these days.
I’ve been hit by the train of Aries Cerat and I’m not recovering by any means. This is the company, that do things very differently and with impressive output.
Stay tuned! 
Matej Isak


Speakers : Aries Cerat Symphonia, Special liquid glass finish with african rosewood burl sides
Amplifiers: Aries Cerat Concero 65 monoblocks
Preamplifier : Aries Cerat Impera II Signature
DAC: Aries Cerat Insequor, upgraded to Kassandra Signature level
Phono Stage: Aries Cerat Talos MK2
Turntable: Bergmann Sindre 
Cartridge: Lyra Etna
Transport: Paul Pang FC10 server fully upgraded (Motherboard OCXO clock upgrade, PP V3 USB card ,PP OS SSD OCXO ,PP Music SSD TCXO ,PP Dual transformer Linear Power supply, PP DDR3 Ram modules & power filter modules,TZ Yun cables), running on Windows Server 2012 in Audiophile Optimizer core mode
NAS: Synology 214  powered by Teddy Pardo 12 V power supply
Speaker cables: Stealth Audio Dream V14
Power cables: Stealth Audio Dream V12 Uni x 5, Lessloss DFPC Reference x 3 
Interconnects: Stealth Audio Sakra V12 x2, Echole Obsession Signature x 1
Phono cable: Stealth Audio Helios
Tonearm cable: Echole
USB cable: Paul Pang  Red Separate, Light Harmonic Lightspeed
Lan cable: Acoustic Revive LAN 1.0 PA  x 2
Cable lifters: Chameleon Audio
Crossover feet: Chameleon Audio
Turntable spike bases: Harmonix RF 999MT Mk2 
Speaker spike bases: Harmonix RF 909 X
Room acoustic treatment: Stein H2a x2 + Stein H2b x 2 + Blue Diamonds x 3+ Black Diamonds x 2+ Black Stones x 5
Ground conditioner: Acoustic Revive RGC24
RCA shorting plugs on preamp: Acoustic Revive SIP-8F x 6
Ambient field conditioner: Lessloss blackbody
Power wall outlets: Furutech FP-SWS (G)
Fuses : Audiophile Hifi Produkte Copper on all devices + Klangmodul III fuse holder on main  electric panel + SIBA main fuse + WA Quantum fuse chip
Power distributor: Nexus Ref 3 + WA Quantum cable chip
Rack: Custom made from solid oak wood on spikes
Several tuning feet on rotation
Harmonix TU666ZX
Finite Elemente Cerabase 
Chameleon Audio isolation feet