Art Vinyl Play and Display Record Frame

Display your favorite LP’s in a simple-to-change frame, designed specifically for album covers. The Play & Display Mount is the first ever mounting system that allows music lovers to display album artwork as art and easily change the contents, or play the records, without having to remove the frame from the wall. With its instant quick-release mechanism, music aficionados can play their favorite albums in a matter of seconds and display them back on the wall just as easily. A unique cushioning “sponge finger” back plate enables you to display various sized albums, from 12″ singles, LP’s, double or even triple albums. The Play & Display is ideal for personalizing a particular space in your home, and it makes for a perfect gift for any music lover or record collector.

  • Easily play and display your favorite vinyl albums
  • Suitable for all 12-inch singles, LP’s, double, or triple albums
  • Quick release mechanism means you can play and display different records easily without having to move the frame or take it off the wall
  • A great showpiece!
  • Perfect as a gift!