Artelute writes: “La Piccola! It’s been a long time since we posted an update on our little gem. We decided to go with a fully hand assembled product with solid Canadian walnut and leather covered baffles (hence the Italian name). Expect a very classic look, with some new tricks inside: we manufactured custom steel parts designed to align the solid walnut parts, and at the same time keep each of the panels acoustically decoupled – much like the bones in our body.

An elastomer compound will damp the assembly in such a way that the air volume will act like an assembly of individual parts with no common resonance, just like our first generation Tanto and Vivace.

A first-order serial network will keep everything musical (you may have read some pseudo-scientific paper, with lots of simulations – but no listening test – explaining why serial filters aren’t any better than parallel filters. Well, the thing is, they mostly measure the same, but they sound a lot different. Different as in “better”. Simulations are just simulations…)
We even designed our own exclusive wood coating: no complex chemistry here: bees wax, turpentine, boiled linen oil and japanese siccative. Plus, naturally a whole lot of elbow grease.
Unfortunately, you cannot purchase La Piccola in hifi stores. If you really want a pair, we will make one for you and deliver it to your door. And in order to save shipping cost to you, you will be able to order your own pair from one of our friends near you.