ArtLoveSound art painted acoustic panel

“ArtLoveSound is art~paintings studio with love for music and good sound, combined with visual enjoyment. That is the main idea behind our unique product ~ hand painted acoustic panels ~
Concept and technique of painting on a acoustic panel is developed by “ArtLoveSound” and is one of a kind product in global- world terms.
Every image is hand painted with acrylic colours on AURALEX Acoustics SonoFlat Acoustic panel.
You can combine it with same Auralex panels, without picture, to develop a special audio- visual experience in home or recording studio. Our acoustic panels are also great solution for radio & tv studios and dancing clubs.
Images on our panels are not a graphic print , they are unique hand painted panels and original artwork, signed by academic artist of “ArtLoveSound”.
On the back of the panel is eco- Paulownia wooden board with a hanger for easier setup.
Because of its acoustic features, Paulownia tree is used for making classic string musical instruments, even electric guitars. This “Phoenix tree” as called because of its very fast growth after cutting, is light, unbendable and of fine structure.

For our paintings we have chosen AURALEX acoustic panels, leader in acoustical treatment products, know for high quality sound design and solutions.

Our acoustic panels are painted with acrylic colours and thanks to our special preparation, the colour is stable and lasting on the panel. It is not necessary to handle panels with special care, just treat it as any other painting.
Each painted panel comes with authenticity certificate and is shipped in wooden box for safe transport.
We also have total support from Auralex, they even put info about us on they facebook and twitter. “