Just as the AK Ripper was able to rip CDs to an AK player with a single touch, the AK Ripper MKII has been redesigned and improved for the ultimate ripping experience.

While inheriting the stable performance seen in existing products, the AK Ripper MKII has improved product design, algorithms, and more to provide more accurate ripping results.
Key Features
  • Just as before, easily connect with AK player or Cradle using the supplied cable.
  • Connect the Ripper MKII to the product, then select the Ripping menu.
  • Reliable Ripping is possible by using Audio CD-ROM for Hi-Fi CD player.
  • A heavier case is used to minimize and suppress the vibrations generated during ripping.
  • Ripping at high speeds can degrade ripping quality, our adjustable ripping speed setting allows for more accurate and perfect for ripping. It offers the same three options as very fast / fast / normal, but we have adjusted the speed more finely for the MKII.
  • Improvement of the error correction algorithm applied to the existing Ripper making it possible to improve the error correction.