Audio Exotics Singapore Grand Opening

Audio Exotics Singapore Store Grand Opening by Richard H. Mak: “Tucked away in an inconspicuous warehouse in Singapore is the all-new “Audio Exoticsshowroom, located at 1090 Lower Delta Road, unit #07-14.   The trend is increasingly popular as there has been a new breed of exotic audio shops moving away from centralized locations, such as the famous Aldephi “High Fi” mall, which houses most of Singapore’s audio shops in one location.   

(Left:  Mohan Veeloo of Audio Exotics, Singapore.   Right:  Richard Mak)

Frankly, I like the idea of off-the-beaten-path, warehouse locations.   They are bigger, better, and cheaper, which will ultimately translate into lower overhead costs and better prices for the consumer.

I was invited by Edison Wong of “Ediscreation”, to attend Audio Exotics grand opening, which made a lot of buzz in town.    Ediscreation is a Hong Kong-based manufacturer of digital products such as music servers, switches, and reclocking devices, and they flew over from Hong Kong to attend the grand opening.  They have won awards from around the world, including two awards from Mono & Stereo.

Audio Exotics is a retal shop that started in Hong Kong in 2009, and it expanded to 3 locations within Hong Kong.   The Singapore store is the fourth and represents the group’s further expansion in Asia, bringing names such as DaVinci Audio Labs, Durand, Thales, Vertere, Dartzell, Koda, Wavac, Cessaro Horns, Goevel High End, Edis Creation and many more. 

Exotic is indeed what Audio Exotics is all about, starting from their hidden location.   I swerved through luggage makers, metal fabricators, and a host of other hard-core industrial warehouse tenants and arrived at the exotic location.   The trek to the shop reminds me of visiting the McIntosh Townhouse in SoHo, New York.   Apparently, the Townhouse has been relocated to a new location in Chelsea. 

I met up with Audio Exotic Singapore’s CEO Mohan Veeloo in the front section of the store, which I thought was the whole thing.     

I saw a small system and some exotic names which I have long forgotten, such as the “white minimalist” design tube amp, which I think is the ENGSTRÖM ARNE integrated amplifier.  Never mind the sound, I just want to touch it and own it, as it just screams for attention against the plant wall backdrop.   I thought to myself, not exotic enough, if that is all.

Plant walls are very popular in Singapore, and more so than any other country.  I have since felt in love with plant walls so one is going to be put up in my balcony.    It might just give me the image of a tree hunger, rather than the tube amp power hogger which I am, using up the planet’s remaining carbon credit. 

Edison approached me and said, “Why don’t you go in first”.   Go into where?  So he approached the plant wall.    The door is a hidden compartment within the plant wall almost like the Wall of Durin located at the entrance into Moria.  But no riddle needs to be solved, and no password need to be uttered.    It was a hidden button on the left which opened the secret door.

The room itself is a bit of a shocker with a huge WOW factor.   With the crowds and chairs, my camera skills wasn’t able to capture the full shock and awe effect.  So I stole the picture from the company’s website.

The main system is surely exotic enough.    I have never heard the Cessaro Horns, and they housed the top of the line Cessaro Carmen speaker. 

There was 2 layers of equipment in front of the back wall, and the power amps and cables are tucked away so the clutter is hidden away.

The main system houses the mighty DaVinci turntable in Ferrari Red, competiting for attention versus the Vertere RG-1 Reference Groove.    I saw Robert Koda Amps, Zanden phono stage, and the funky looking Wadax digital gears. 

“OK, Exotic Enough”, I thought to myself.


The Grand Opening didn’t just end with music, three speakres were brought into gave presentations on:

  • Noise Management by Chris Leung, Founder and CEO of Audio Exotics
  • Acoustic Management by Adrian Lo, Founder and Principal Cousultant of Soundzipper
  • Network / Digital Management by Edison Wong, Founder and CEO of Ediscreation

I learned a few tricks from Edison Wong who walked us through the differen types of configurations common to home users, involving modems, routers and switches.  The creative genius invented a few products such as the Firebird LPS and the Silent XCXO Extreme, both well covered by Mono & Stereo.

But of course, we will end our “Grand Opening” with another demo of Audio Exotics’ main system:


For an “Exotic” experience, pls call Mohan Veeloo at Mohan Veloo +65 9119-2891, to arrange for a visit to his shop at # 07-14, 1090 Lower Delta Road.      You won’t be disappointed.