A customer and great friend of Audio Note (UK) asked for something very special. He required the ultimate system Audio Note could produce, and the ultimate 211 SET amplifiers. This is the Ultra Concept 4242, one channel of a one off pair of amplifiers made for this particular customer in Greece. There are two power supplies, one for the HT and one for the heaters, you can see one of them above the main unit.

Andy Grove took up the challenge, and here is the result; a system that represents the current pinnacle of sound quality.

The ‘ULTRA’ amplifiers are true one-off designs, where everything from the casework to the output transformers has been custom designed and hand built. They have a solid copper chassis, milled from one piece, massive 55% nickel interstage and output transformers, nickel/silver chokes, and a filament PSU which took over six months of R&D to design.
The output valve is the STC 4242, which is similar to a 211 but with a Molybdenum anode.
The rest of the system features our top level statement products, which have been further optimised down to the last resistor by Andy Grove himself.
Combined with the GIP-9700A horn ‘speakers from GIP Laboratories in Japan, this system is like nothing else in the world. We were truly honoured to be asked to collaborate in the execution of this project; the results are thoroughly magnificent.
Here is the breakdown of the system:
TT-Three Reference turntable
AN-1S SOGON tonearm
IO Ltd Field Coil cartridge and power supply
AN-S9 Step Up Transformer
M9RIAA phonostage
CDT-Six Red Book CD Transport
Fifth Element / Fifth Force DAC
M10 Signature preamplifier
ULTRA Single Ended Triode power amplifiers
AN SOGON and SOOTTO cables throughout
GIP Laboratories 9700A horn loudspeaker system (extensively modified by Audio Note (UK))