AudioNautes Recordings Cantate Domino& Jazz at the Pawnshop Tapes

AudioNautes Recordings is proud to confirm the availability of the first two titles on TAPES. As announced, they are Cantate Domino and Jazz at the Pawnshop. Both titles have been done full analog (AAA) and from the original Proprius master tapes (created by the session tapes, indeed). “Cantate” is a 2-tape set done with ATR Master Tape, and “Pawnshop” is a 4-tape set done with RTM SM-900. 

The “Pawnshop” contains the 100% of the content of the original 4 master tapes, without any editing, including chatter, noisee and reprises. Each hand made custom box contains the tapes in a professional archive box, a booklet, a certificate of pure analog work and a technical sheet. Each set is numbered also on each single reel.
The next two titles are coming. In October Antiphone Blues (Proprius) will be AudioNautes’ third title and in November the very famous La Spagna (BIS) will be our forth. As usual, they are 100% analog and from the original master tapes. Both are 2-tape sets on RTM SM-900.