Audiophile HiFi Products AHP Klangmodul 4 G

“The sound module 4 G is the large and more powerful variant of the sound module 4. It fits in installation height and depth to a slot machines, but is 9 mm wider. This place is available in most households in the fuse box. The latest large model 4 G of the sound module is equipped with completely revised contacts, higher contact pressure and larger conductive contact surface in comparison to the previous model 3 G. It results in a faster, more dynamic and spatial sound while preserving the tonality. The improvement unfolds linearly over the entire frequency spectrum.”

Sound module 4 G (G = large) with gold-plated contacts is designed for 14×51 mm cylindrical audio fuses. The new sound module 4G meets the highest hi-fi standards and guarantees a first-class high-end power supply for your hi-fi system.

The module contains large-area and gold-plated contact springs, which ensure optimal power supply.
Price 159,00 €