Aurealis Audio Litz Speaker Cables NEW

Aurealis Audio has announced its new range of high performing Litz speaker cables. Here is the official press release…
The new Litz speaker cables from Aurealis use a special construction with multiple fine strands of silver Litz wrapped around an individually insulated core of copper Litz. Aurealis Audio advises: “This unique construction results in a wonderful listening experience. The music is more three-dimensional, multi-layered and superbly detailed. The sound stage is wide and open, and pleasurably deep as well. But above all, effortless musicality is the key feature of the Litz speaker cables.” 
Three varieties of the Litz cables are available based on customers’ power requirements: 
The 201 – is recommended for amplifiers up to 100 watts 
The 202 – is recommended for amplifiers from 100 to 200 watts 
The 303 – is recommended for amplifiers 200 watts or more 
However, Aurealis Audio states these are conservative recommendations: during extensive user testing the 201 cable performed extremely with amplifiers up to 200 watts. 
Each speaker cable uses a lightweight polymer tube to protect the delicate Litz wires and is finished in an attractive external braid. Aurealis Audio believe that their new speaker cables are the epitome of their goal to deliver superb value for money while not comprising on the quality of the materials used. The 201 Litz speaker cable starts at AUD$550 for a two metre pair, and rising to AUD$810 for the 303 version. 
Quotes from User Testing on the Aurealis Audio Litz Speaker Cables 
“I am hugely impressed by the Litz cable and it just seems to be improving every day… it is just a crystal clear window and a portal into the heart of the music.” 

“They are a true revelation and I cannot recall ever hearing so much detail through my speakers. The soundstage is just gigantic…it is very 3D and this effect is amazing in its scope and scale.” 

“I think you are on to a winner here…the sound stage opened right up, also very musical with great detail.” 
About Aurealis Audio 
Aurealis Audio originated in Brisbane, Australia and has since expanded to China, Hong Kong, and Singapore 
We produce a wide range of cables for many different audio applications. Our goal is to provide the audiophile consumer with an effortless playback experience which focusses on both transparency and musicality to capture the full detail and emotion of the audio recording 
We offer superb value for money and do not compromise on materials used. 
All our cables are individually hand-crafted using only the highest quality materials in their construction 
Aurealis Audio specialises in cables for its local markets as well as a range of products for the international market. 
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