SAGA represents the synthesis of our multi-year research into low noise circuitry, developed during the TESSERACT design project, and the high-resolution pin-point focus of Isis. Our in-depth research over a period of four years has produced a range of advancements in each aspect of loudspeaker performance. Proprietary conductors and magnetic technologies, as well as new techniques in cabinet construction, have been combined with the implementation of an all neodymium full range driver array. A new family of all-pass phase networks confers empirical improvements in all aspects of energy transfer and transient speed. 

The noise floor is lower, the transient response faster, and the storage of stray energy is less than ever before. Most importantly, the octave to octave energy balance is equivalent throughout the extended bandwidth envelope, developed without compression and yet critically damped, thus delivering a dynamic and spatial presentation that is absolutely faithful to the recording. The result is a large dynamic system that behaves like a small monitor, revealing the most subtle details of space against black backgrounds within an envelope of explosive sound pressure contrasts. Modest impedance characteristics make macro dynamic distinctions possible with even low output, voltage source amplifiers.

The adherence to true high-end idealism, perfect phase behavior and accurate soundstaging, will stand the test of time when high priced mid-fi fads have faded into obscurity. Our goal is to always be true to our passion for music, while creating the most technologically advanced reference transducers in the world.
Advanced light weight driver diaphragm materials minimize energy storage and time-domain distortion.

  • Each driver individually tested and matched for optimum performance.
  • Full array neodymium magnetic structures.
  • Smooth, wide polar response for superlative imaging capabilities.
  • Exceptionally flat impedance characteristics, damped and purely resistive, for ideal interface with any amplifier.
  • Crossover circuitry is hard-wired with surface-only conductors, eliminating deleterious sonic effects of printed-circuit boards.
  • Proprietary all-phase crossover topologies.
  • Careful crossover control of all magnetic field interaction.
  • Proprietary magnetics technology increases energy transfer and reduces noise floor.
  • Constrained-mode damping system absorbs cabinet vibrations.
  • Three dimensional staging through meticulous 2pi-4pi baffle shaping.
  • Purely pistonic driver behavior. No diaphragm break-up modes within 70db of signal.
  • Acoustically inert wave launch platform.

Driver Complement:
1″ Concave Carbon/Glass Neodymium Tweeter
7″ Concave radial magnetic Ceramic Midrange
(2) 13″ Nomex Kevlar Generation II Composite Woofers 
All drivers utilize proprietary neodymium magnetic technologies.
92 dB
4 ohms nominal (3.8 ohms minimum)
Frequency Response:
20Hz to 45kHz
Recommended Amplifier Power:
25 to 500 watts
Wiring Methods:
Dual binding post
68″ high (178 cm)
14.5″ wide (37 cm)
17″ deep (43 cm)
260 pounds each (118 kg each)