Bassocontinuo Revolution Line

Bassocontinuo Audio Systems’ Revolution Line uses a completely handmade lamination process that takes more than an hour and a half for each frame. Bassocontinuo’s exclusive carbon cross weighs only 550 grams, is 1.5 mm thin, but has a breaking point over 325 kg. 

“Launched in the distant 2014 and evolved to the second generation, it represents to date the only line in the world of structural carbon fiber racks with monocoque frame. We are therefore not talking about “carbon-look ” films or simple carbon sheets applied to a load-bearing material, but about a carbon structural frame produced in a single piece, without welds and completely hollow inside: a small masterpiece of mechanical engineering.
To crown the effort that has generated the Revolution Line, an unrivaled aesthetic studio, the modularity of each rack (even aftermarket) and the possibility to buy hybrid versions that with some compromises, drastically reduce the cost of the item.”