Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet Level 8

Bassocontinuo writes: We are delighted to present the new Ultra Feet Level 8, now available on the market. Engineered to perfectly isolate your turntable from external vibration interferences and structural resonances, these feet can be used as a replacement for the original feet or as a dedicated stand.

ade of solid stainless steel, Ultra Feet Level 8 ensure impeccable turntable isolation through the integration of three different decoupling materials:

– NBR rubber for effective vibration absorption (on the top of each foot);
– The highest absorption coefficient material currently available on the market, specifically tested for turntables (inside the foot);
– Delrin disk for additional isolation and stability (under the foot).

To achieve enhanced sound performance, it is advisable to position the Ultra Feet Level 8 beneath turntable. They can serve as a replacement for the original feet or function as a dedicated stand, providing complete support for your turntable setup.


  • Dimensions 49mm x 29mm
  • Single weight capacity 0,1 to 20 kg
  • Set of 4 weight capacity 0,4 to 80 kg
  • Adjustable No
  • Quantity Set of 4