Bluemoon Audio Technology: “The woofer used is a component of primary quality with an aluminum cone coated with rubber-plastic material, with excellent structural rigidity, combined with excellent damping.”

“It has a magneto of generous dimensions with an excellent value in Gauss, which allows the cone to move quickly behind the electrical impulses. The rubber suspension gives stability and brakes the excessive cone elongations with extreme signals.

The coupling is in acoustic-suspension, to ensure the best compromise between extension at low frequencies, prompt response to impulse, and pollution from other sources of emission (see ducts or passive radiators)
The crossover
has components of excellent sonic level and is equipped with level regulators, for use in mono amplification. This mode, as for all our production of loudspeakers, is essential to comply with the other speakers, and to linearise the emission in the environment.
As from the objectives of the project (minimum structure interference), the box is a MDF of variable thickness between 3 and 4 cm, with the various faces of the box, of very different sizes, to minimize internal reflections. The various parts of the structure are assembled to give maximum rigidity, but low contact between them, in order to minimize vibrations transfers. Inside the box there is plenty of dampening material of excellent quality.
All these measures make the ML W a very natural acoustic emission component, and an object of superior class, both for the components and for the construction.
Technical data
ML W- 1 woofer in acoustic-suspension

Speaker diameter 26cm
Cone in coated aluminum
Adjustment of the emission level
8 ohm impedance, Sensitivity 89 dB,
Recommended Power: 50-300 watts. Recommended multi-amplification.
Box dimensions: cm 40 x 25 x 90 (P x W x H). Total Weight 50 Kg.

Price: eur 4.950 pair