Burmester 151 Music center NEW

Burmester new151 media server is a baby brother of Reference series 111 server and it will sell for $25,000 
“Like the reference server 111, the smaller 151 MusicCenter from Burmester’s Top Line impresses listeners with outstanding musical quality and lightening-fast processing of huge amounts of data. With a maximum of user-friendliness this high-end multi talent administers your music library, connects you to Internet radio or plays music directly from a USB stick. The internal CD drive of the 151 MusicCenter lets you rip CDs and serves up any track you like to listen to within seconds and without rummaging through stacks of jewel boxes.”

“However you like your perfect sound: using its fixed output the 151 can be hooked up to a preamp in an existing music system or you can use its variable output to directly drive power amplifiers or active loudspeakers. Operation is easy and intuitive using an app that was developed by Burmester.”

Inside the solid housing with classical Burmester chrome front panel operates a specially programmed Linux computer within a complex but tidy array of electronic parts. In direct comparison with the Reference MusicCenter 111 it is apparent that the 151 is not only considerably smaller but that it sports a small display on its chrome front, which is well known from other Burmester products. Since all functions can be conveniently controlled by the iPad app it was decided to forgo a larger display in order to achieve a compact visual appearance.
Moving into the era of digital music reproduction Burmester still relies heavily on the care and quality of hand assembly in the production of the new music servers 111 and 151. Because Burmester believes that only with the combination of cutting-edge technology, carefully selected top-quality parts and the traditional values of craftsmanship can the goal of absolute sound be achieved.