Burmester Ambience BA 71 speakers NEW

The Ambience BA 71 owes its lean elegance and elemental bass power to the partition of its diaphragm surface area into four identical, compact, front-firing woofers that are vigorously supported in the sub-low storey by a bass reflex port. Two low-mid drivers per loudspeaker guarantee the unfailingly sovereign and tonally well-balanced reproduction up to the treble register for which a new Air Motion Transformer (AMT) was custom-developed. For many years the Burmester AMTs have been regarded as a benchmark for ultimate precision, neutrality, power handling and dynamics in the high frequency range.
The BA 71 owes its spacious sound talents to a second back-firing AMT on the rear of the cabinet, which optimises the omnidirectional behaviour and involves the listening room more strongly into the sound experience. The Ambience BA 71 is a loudspeaker for real aficionados who value impressive musicality, absolute precision and almost infinite power reserves. Perfect adaptation to room and taste: the Ambience tweeter may be adjusted to your personal preferences, requirements and the listening room acoustics or turned off completely. It helps to render the imaginary
stage wider and deeper, as can normally be achieved only with omnidirectional or dipole speakers, yet in the BA 71 it is at the same time also variable.
The front is made of solid aluminium and available in silver, medium bronze or black. The elaborately braced solid wood (MDF) body is available in these finishes: macassar high gloss, light walnut high gloss, dark walnut high gloss, high gloss white and high gloss black. Of course, the front walls and cabinet finishes may be individually combined. Other finishes are available upon request at a premium.