Our friend Rocco Ianni’s Burmester Reference Line set-up with a Reference Listening Acoustic Hall designed/made by RPG Europe. “The building and realization of this acoustically extreme project has been designed/made at all by RPG Europe in about a year. Such room, completely made from “zero” (it means walls, ceiling and floor have been re-builded applying on the place the most extreme acoustic concepts) has the same building-in concept and philosophy of a Concert Hall with right dimensions/proportions.”

“Practically is a room (composed by a reference acoustic Insulation) inside another room (RPG custom acoustic treatment) with a net size of about 34 sq meters and a net height from floor to ceiling of 295 cm. Of course, the room size, before acoustic steps was a little physically bigger but now (with the rich acoustic treatment on the place) its behavior is virtual with more spacious (all walls seems to be disappeared leaving music to flow at fullest) and right for a superb/correct music reproduction. In fact, the acoustic measurements stating the absolute perfect match of neutrality and very linear in its performance.”

List of components:
– Adyton Isovolt K6 (6kw trafo)
– Burmester 948 Power conditioner
– Nordost Qkore 6 with Qkore Wires
– Burmester 911 Mk3 monos power amps
– Burmester 808 Mk5 with Power Supply Unit
– Burmester 069 with Power Supply Unit
– Burmester B100
– Cables: Nordost
– Nordost Qrt line ground wire (dedicated and designated ground for the sound system to a designated external ground rod with very low resistance path).
– N.5 direct power lines with Furutech dps 4.1 limited edition from electric meter to wall sockets.
– Furutech NCF wall sockets (N.2 sets of FT-SWS-D NCF (R); N.3 sets of FT-SWS-R NCF).
– Taoc Audio Rack CSR 2S (D)
– Taoc SCB-RS-HC50G
– Taoc Super Insulator Tite-35s
– Bassocontinuo Accordeon
– Acoustic design and made by RPG Europe.