Burson Audio writes: Burson Audio Cable+ Pro removes audio system impedance mismatching. Impedance matching is nothing new.  
It is the attempt to make the output impedance of a source acceptable to the input impedance of the amplifier to which it is ultimately connected.  This is pro-audio engineering 101.
The audiophile industry doesn’t talk about it and doesn’t want you to know about it because the problem is too widespread and solutions are too few! 

10 years after the introduction of Burson Buffer which dealt specifically with this issue, we have finally developed an effective and easy to adopt solution for audiophiles suffering from system impedance mismatching.

The Burson Cable+ Pro is based on our proprietary discrete opamp technology. Powered by 5V, it is a fully discrete buffer which actively removes any impedance mismatching in any audio system.  To make adaptation easy, we have turned this amazing buffer into an amazing interconnection cable featuring reference class cables and plugs from Canare, Japan.
Who needs one?
Unless the entire audio system is from the same manufacturer within the same product line, it is most likely that impedance mismatching exists.  That is why we are offering 30 days of satisfaction refund guarantee.  If the Cable+ PRO is not needed in your system then simply return it for a full refund*.
Cable+ PRO Active Cable: MSRP 199USD